EPL Game Week ke-11: Aston Villa vs Liverpool FC

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EPL GW 11 Away vs Aston Villa. Kick off 22:00 Minggu, 02 November 2019. Skor akhir: 1-2. Kemengangan untuk tim tamu. Unbeaten streak unbreakable yet.

“Liverpool’s Roberto Firmino was flagged offside before putting the ball in the net against Aston Villa and the decision was confirmed by VAR. The red line signifies Firmino and was aligned to his armpit, which was marginally ahead of the last Villa defender”

Have you ever heard such of a crock of sh*t in your life?

Who would have thought VAR would usher in a new era where armpits are so important in the Premier League? (Image: PA Wire)

That was the Premier League’s explanation of video assistant referee Martin Atkinson’s decision to disallow Firmino’s equaliser on Saturday, with the league apparently suggesting that a player can score a goal with his armpit, and thus is gaining a competitive advantage by sneakily positioning that armpit roughly one centimetre beyond the extended knee of the last defender.

The offside rule was invented to stop strikers hanging around right next to the opposition goal throughout the entirety of the match. It was not designed to be used to rule out goals for gaps which come down to milimetres. What the system — and the mediocre referees in charge of using it — are doing now though, is punishing attackers of every team for distances which the pixel resolution of the cameras the technology uses can barely register.

In the Reds’ last two Premier League away games, at Old Trafford and Villa Park, VAR has ruled against the Reds in controversial circumstances. I dread to think of the fury if such a highly questionable decision ends up costing Liverpool in the title race later down the line.

But, if an armpit could potentially be the thing that stops Liverpool winning a league title next May, we decided to make a comprehensive list of all of the unexpected scenarios that could prevent number 19 heading to Anfield, to warn you of what may be to come…

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Why Liverpool’s late Premier League wins aren’t ‘lucky’, but deserved rewards for dominance

Some might perceive Liverpool’s succession late victories in recent weeks to be fortunate, but the data proves that the Reds are merely earning justified fans in dramatic fashion.

The Reds do seem to have a habit of coming from behind and winning late in games. It speaks impressively to the squad’s character that the players do not become frustrated or resort to potshots and reckless challenges. Nobody panics, as the entire squads knows that they can turn it around if they just stick to the plan. But this shouldn’t suggest that the Reds have just been scraping through on these occasions. This side has generally played relentless, dominant football, and earned their just rewards for it.

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