Internet dan Setelah B.J. Habibie Meninggal

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Innalillahi wa innailaihi rojiun…

Catatan mengenai informasi yang exegerated di dunia maya mengenai peran B.J. Habibie. Utamanya terkait Hercules C130 dan F-16 Fighting Falcon

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Lockheed MartinDornier

The images above sadly proves that the internet is full of incorrect facts, hoaxes and fanboy fantasies.

B.J.Habibie got his diploma in 1960 and his doctorship in 1965. The first flight of the Lockheed C-130 Hercules was in 1954, and Habibie never worked for Lockheed-Martin. So claiming that he designed the C-130 and F-16 is a lie. The Dornier Do-30 doesnt exist, however, the Do-31 does, which was indeed a VTOL project. It was a German project which started in 1961, so maybe Habibie contributed to the development, but it was not “designed by him” like it was a one-man job, and because he was still studying (and in that period he also returned for some months to Indonesia) it is just impossible he was the chief engineer of the project.

But yes, his contribution to the world of aerospace technology is big, he developed several theories, became technical director and vice-president at Messerschmidt-Bölkow-Blohm and was also involved in the development of the Airbus A300.

But specially for the Indonesian aviation his contribution was huge, thanks to him companies as IPTN and PAL could develop into big modern factories. Without people like him and Nurtanio, Indonesia never could build, develop and design its own aircrafts. His strategic planning was also genius, starting with the licence production of the NBO-105 and NSA-330 helicopters and NC212 transport aircrafts. After that the joint development of the CN235 together with CASA, and then the own development of the N250, the most modern and hightech turboprop airliner at that moment. Sadly the Krismon in 1997-1999 ended this fantastic project.

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Setidaknya, infografis dari media kredibel tetap sesuai fakta.

But IPTN still exist, and the development of own projects like the N219 still continues….